Principal Diagnostic Serum Enzymes for Clinical diagnosis

Principal Diagnostic Serum Enzymes for Clinical diagnosis

When someone becomes sick and visits a doctor, the doctor first tries to identify the cause of the disease. Luckily if the doctor can find the reasons for the illness, then it becomes so easy to treat the patient. But unfortunately, if the doctor is unable to find it, no medicine can make the illness go. The serum enzymes are a very special means for diagnostic many kinds of sicknesses such as Myocardial infarction, Acute Pancreatitis, etc.

Now we try to give you a very brief idea about it in clinical diagnosis. Here, we will discuss some of the principal serum enzymes which are used in clinical diagnosis. So why is it late? let’s stat. First, we should know what is diagnostic serum enzymes?

Diagnostic Serum Enzymes

Some tissue cells contain distinctive enzymes that only enter the blood when damage or destruction occurs to the cells to which they are contained. The existence of significant amounts of these particular enzymes in the blood serum indicates the likely tissue damage of destruction on a particular site. By identifying the distinctive enzymes in a significant amount in the blood serum we can know the possible tissue damage. For example, some distinctive enzymes contained in particular organs are given below.

Name of the enzyme Present in
Aspartate Amino Transferase (AST) and Serum glutamate- oxaloacetate (SGOT) Heart and Liver
Alanine Amino Transferase(ALT) and Serum glutamate – Pyruvate Transferase(SGPT) Heart and Liver

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Like the Heart, Liver and most of the other organs present in the human body contain some unique enzymes. Therefore, all most all organ tissue damage or instructions can easily be diagnosed through the blood serum test. This time we are trying to show you a list of some important diagnostic serum. The list is-

A list of a few important Diagnostic Serum Enzymes-

Serum Enzymes are important for the treatment of many diseases. A list of some important diagnostic serum enzymes is-

Principal Serum Enzymes Used in Clinical diagnosis
Name of the Serum Enzymes presents in blood serum Damage or destruction
Aminotransferase Aspartate aminotransferase (AST or SGOT) Myocardial infarction / Viral Hepatitis
Amylase Acute Pancreatitis
Ceruloplasmin Hepatolenticular Degeneration (Wilson’s disease )
Creatine kinase Muscle disorder and Myocardial infarction
γ – Glutamyl transpeptidase Various liver diseases
Lactate dehydrogenase Myocardial infarction
Lipase Acute pancreatitis
Phosphatase, acid Metastatic carcinoma of the prostate
Alkaline (isozymes), Phosphatase, obstructive liver diseases, Various bone disorders

Now, from the above list of serum enzymes and the corresponding diseases, we can have a brief idea of how a blood serum test can help your doctor to diagnose a very killer sickness and if the diseases are identified properly then it is a matter of time you get well by taking the medication suggested by your health care provider.

N.B.: This list is only for knowledge. We are not medical professionals or trying to give medical advice of any kind. We just want to share the process of how a blood serum test can identify a dangerous sickness like Hepatolenticular Degeneration or Myocardial infarction.

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